Author: Patricia Uhrich

Getin’ GIFFY with it.

As a new year approaches, perhaps it’s time to update your stable of favorite GIFs. We’re talking GIFs used to spice up conversations with friends and colleagues, not GIFs for marketing your business.   We’ve pulled together some marketing and office life-related favs for you to share. Of course, you can always choose your own from GIPHY which is now owned by Facebook. That’s right, back in May the social media empire paid a reported $400 million for GIPHY. Apparently we can’t get enough of these charming little loops.   First up, some marketing-jargon gems from Schitt’s Creek:   via GIPHY via GIPHY via GIPHY     And when you need to remind someone that you’re still working from home:   via GIPHY via GIPHY     When you’re back in the office and someone books a tiny conference room for a big strategy meeting (but there’s still no vaccine):   via GIPHY via GIPHY     Or, you’re working with someone who clearly needs a little caffeine:   via GIPHY via GIPHY     And when we’re all...

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Learning from the pandemic: 5 direct marketing survival facts

While the term “new normal” has become a cliché, it’s an apt description for the pandemic’s impact on daily life. We are resilient creatures and we’ve quickly adapted to living with COVID-19 in ways that will forever change the way we think and act. Looking ahead, marketers need to recognize that much of the new normal is here to stay. Consider how these 5 facts and trends may affect your marketing plans:   1) The value of E-commerce cannot be overstated. This comes as no surprise but it’s important to note that the lockdown has forced traditional brick-and-mortar retail shoppers to become more comfortable with online shopping. At the height of the lockdown, there was a 66% spike in global daily e-commerce sales. If you sell directly to the consumer via your website, now is a critical moment to ensure that your shopping experience is optimized.   2) Technology’s role in customer relationships is...

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5 hot blogs & news sites for insurance professionals

With professional organizations putting conferences and meetings on hold for now, staying abreast of hot topics within your industry takes a little extra effort. Fortunately, we have some great recommendations for those of you working in the world of insurance.   The Triple I Blog (property and casualty focus): Brought to you by the Insurance Information Institute, this blog provides professionally written articles on everything from insurance fraud to catastrophes. Whatever’s trending in the industry, you’ll find it here.   org (for consumers and professionals): While the website is aimed at educating consumers, their blog called The Scoop focuses on providing the latest news on health insurance and health reform. Each edition has several easy-to-digest news bites covering the entire nation.   America’s Health Insurance Plans (trade association blog): If you work for a health plan, this blog should be on your reading list. You’ll get the inside scoop on current issues and...

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Take Five: Choose your must-have summer reads

Everyone enjoys a good book. Here's a variety of this summer's favorites:   For a new perspective: My Vanishing Country A Memoir by Bakari Sellers. Unless you grew up in a rural, black, working-class town in the deep south, you need this book as a window into what has become a forgotten and neglected part of our country. Penned by a lawyer who became the youngest African American elected official in the country at age 22 and has served as an analyst for CNN, it’s an American success story wrapped in the struggles of the rural south. It’s no wonder that My Vanishing Country has become a New York Times Bestseller and a #1 New Release on   For the kids: The World Needs More Purple People by Kristen Bell & Benjamin Hart. Full disclosure, this writer has had a thing for Kristen Bell ever since binge-watching The Good Place and all of her Funny...

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Recalling office life in 1995 as we celebrate our Silver Anniversary!

As your hand searches for the snooze button on your clock radio, you hesitate upon hearing an update from the O.J. Simpson trial. There’s an incriminating bloody glove but the defense insists a dirty cop has planted the evidence. Intrigued by this update, you are compelled to learn more. You decide to buy a newspaper along with the obligatory cup of coffee on your way to the office. Regular or decaf are your only options. No Italian dark roast, organic breakfast blend or mochaccino to be found.   Arriving at the office, you boot up Windows 95, marvel at the colorful new interface and wait for email to load. There’s no social media, no text messages and no app notifications to distract you from getting right to work. That’s a good thing for Nick Lanzi. He needs all of the time in the world to manage the duties of his full-time gig while starting a side-hustle...

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Research update: Advertising best practices during COVID-19

Since our last post, we’ve digested a new report from Phoenix Marketing International who are closely monitoring the pandemic’s impact on advertising and viewer engagement. Unlike the daily knee-jerk moves of the stock market, the world of marketing has been more predictable and steady. That’s good news for those of us in charge of messaging and media.   Looking for sense of normality? This chart which broadly compares the effectiveness of today’s COIVD and Non-COVID advertising to pre-COVID levels is quite satisfying...

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Research on advertising during COVID-19 reveals new best practices

Deciding if and how your advertising should address the global pandemic is unnerving. We’ve entered new territory without a map or even a guide star. Fortunately, researchers are beginning to provide recommendations that will prove invaluable on the journey ahead.   Last week, Phoenix Marketing International released a report on advertising during the COVID-19 crisis. Their propriety metrics show that little has changed in terms of advertising’s ability to break through and communicate the brand. Ad memorability (next-day recall of the ad), brand linkage (ability to identify the advertised brand), and brand memorability (ability to recall ad content and brand) are holding steady. That said, the report warns that our increasing consumption of broadcasts could dilute our attention and therefore all of the above metrics.   The burning question: How do consumers feel about advertising during COVID-19? According to the report, 40% of consumers agree that it is important for brands to continue advertising...

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No-cost virtual doctor visits for Seniors during the coronavirus outbreak

Direct Choice Inc. has recently engaged in some pro-bono communications for the Medicare Telehealth Hotline, a service which we feel could benefit our friends and family. By now, we are all well aware that our nation’s 44 million Medicare recipients face the greatest risk from the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with having the highest mortality among COVID-19 patients, seniors are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to get access to the care they need for many other chronic health conditions. In light of this health crisis, the Medicare Telehealth Hotline is providing Medicare recipients with no-cost doctor visits from the comfort of their homes.   How the Medicare Telehealth Hotline works:   Patients with Original Medicare (with or without private supplemental insurance) who cannot reach their primary doctor can simply call 1-888-392-8889 (7 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET) or visit   The Medicare Telehealth Hotline connects patients with appropriate board-certified doctors who can address...

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PETS! Is Their Mass Appeal On Your Marketing Radar?

There’s been a lot of hype in recent years surrounding our adoration of Pet Influencers and with good reason. According to AdAge, Grumpy Cat (RIP) made an estimated $100 million from her film, media appearances, sponsorship deals and merchandise sales since going viral in 2012.   Jiffpom is currently the most popular pet influencer reaching 30 million followers across the globe. If you want him to sponsor your product on Instagram, be prepared to shell out up to $32,000 plus. Clearly, these are not the kind of numbers you should expect from your average pet with a social media account. Jiffpom’s reel on IMDB reveals that he is a highly trained and talented 4-legged actor with a stunning resume including world-record stunts.   You don’t have to employ a celebrity of Jiffpom’s stature to capitalize on the power of pets. Consider these advantages that come with choosing animals over humans for your next campaign…   Animals...

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Test yourself with our Super Bowl advertising trivia

There’s really no point in adding to the commentary about this year’s forgettable Super Bowl ads. Seriously, do you recall what Jason Momoa was hawking? Do you care to know what in the heck is Quibi? Even the much-loved “Smaht Pahk” was no “Whassup”. Good thing the game was memorable. Anyhow, this is where opinion ends and the fun begins …UNLEASH THE AD TRIVIA! We’ll begin with an easy one.   Which brands are the top-five Super Bowl advertisers of all time?  Considering the ad spend for type 2 diabetes drugs these days, four out of five of these brands should be of no surprise. The top advertisers during Super Bowl games in order of prominence are Budweiser, Pepsi, Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Ford. Because, after decades of poor dietary choices, you’re gonna need a heavy-duty American truck to haul your butt to the ER.   Name five brands who advertised during the first Super...

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